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    Three Ingenious Products at Milan Design Week 2017

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    Courtesy of Bocci

    The movers and shakers of the design industry once again set the world’s stage at the Milan Design Week with a bang, presenting the newest international furnishing debuts from all the big names. However, it’s not just the next line that attracts attention to the most important annual design fair – Milan is where ideas are born and made, and the cleverest quickly pave the way towards a new future. Here are three of our favorite ingenious products seen during Salone del Mobile 2017.


    N.Y.C. Water Tower Wood cabinet by Piet Hein Eek, exhibited at Rossana Orlandi Gallery

    Wood from New York water towers is saved from fire and repurposed for this lacquered wood mirrored cabinet, which has a bleached and crackled patina that recalls the skin of a prehistoric reptile. Piet Hein Eek describes the cabinet here in the Soundcloud clip below.

    piet hein eek soundcloud image

    87 LED light from Bocci

    The 87 LED light loops and folds back onto itself – for unexpected and unlimited arrangement. A representative from Bocci describes what happens when soda water combines with an extremely hot glass matrix here.

    87 from bocci soundcloud image

    Blow Me Up LED light by Theo Möller for Ingo Maurer

    Inflate a light on a whim? Theo Möller had this idea as a university student  and it captured the attention of Ingo Maurer. Now Blow Me Up is reality: A representative for Ingo Maurer takes a simple kit to inflatable LED light in a flash here.

    Blow-me-up-Ingo-Maurer soundcloud image

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    Mairi Beautyman is a journalist based out of Berlin. She's been
    writing about design and architecture since 2001.

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