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British lighting brand Tala makes an artform out of electricity with its Voronoi III, thought to be the world’s largest sculptural bulb, measuring 40 cm by 25 cm. According to the company’s research, there’s no other sculptural bulb of its size out there. “We’ve already had a pretty busy start to the year,” Tala...

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As the goal to reduce energy consumption grows for countries around the world, the French launched the Energy Transition for Green Growth in 2014. The plan calls for the post-oil era and a stronger, more sustainable energy model where prices, depletion of resources and environmental protection requirements are...

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Given today’s advances in 3-D printing technology, it is already possible to print eyes, noses and internal organs. We will send 3-D printers capable of printing other printers to Mars to build a new colony. Synthetic biological materials will be printed in the form of self-repairing tissue. Even food will be produced...

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