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Uptown Milano, First Zero-energy Italian District

As we look to reduce our consumption of energy, professionals such as architect Alessandro Scandurra and engineer Umberto Zanetti are implementing solutions. They are behind the living concepts for the first Italian zero-impact neighborhood whose energy provisions are 100% derived from geothermal sources or district heating with A+ energy efficiency class buildings.  

Uptown Milano comprises a park, a mall, a school and apartments; it has a rich biodiversity with more than 3,500 tall trees and a restored old natural canal. Considered the first smart district in Italy, architect Alessandro Scandurra and engineer Umberto Zanetti chose high-quality ceramic by Cotto d’Este for part of the interiors and exteriors of the buildings. 

They have already completed construction on the first batch of apartments, located near the former EXPO area, consisting of over 15,000 m² of ceramic surface. The Blustyle from Cotte d’Este’s Yosemite porcelain stoneware series was used for balconies and terraces, while the ultra-thin large-format ceramic slabs in the Kerlite Cluny collection were used to clad the building’s vertical surfaces. As for the interior, the owners of the apartments can choose between the Blustyle, Concrete Jungle and X-Beton collections.

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