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    Wood Construction of Tomorrow

    Courtesy of Tangram

    On June 15th, ArchiExpo e-Magazine organized its first webinar. We invited French cabinet Tangram Architectes to answer your questions about current innovations in wood construction. Having worked on numerous wood-based buildings, architects David Colas and Anne-Laure Boichot were able to provide their expertise and knowledge about this trending topic.

    Among the various Tangram designs discussed, the duo offered pointed details in regards to the Dulwich project in Myanmar. The firm chose bamboo for the construction of Dulwich, a seven-building school; they discuss the opportunities for this material during the webinar.

    tangram dulwich school architecture archiexpo

    Dulwich project and Tangram’s bamboo facade incorporated in the campus design.

    Participants get the duo speaking about other wood typologies and certain aspects of the industry such as sustainability and the Life Cycle Assessment.

    A forest has to be cut and harvested to extend its life. If not, it dies,” Anne-Laure Boichot explained.

    Green properties being a hot subject, they describe wood as a prime choice for energy-positive construction, thanks, for example, to its poor thermal conduction.

    In addition, it has a positive effect during the construction process. “Wood construction requires a little more work upstream but on-site, everything goes faster,” David Colas explained. “You get prefabricated construction elements with everything in place. And the site is both cleaner, and less noisy.”

    The whole webinar is accessible freely here

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