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    AR and VR in Design: Get On Board!

    Courtesy of the Tilt Brush

    During Germany’s international interiors show, IMM, Sebastian Kuhne and Michael Gairing from Blanx spoke about current AR and VR technologies that are on the verge of completely changing the industry. Their advice: get on board!

    Spatial design with virtual reality provides fast feedback in real time, the advantages of a 3-D position and the opportunity to share space design with clients at a distance. Customers can optimize ordering with real data, including the option to on-demand products from manufacturers. Recent studies indicate this reduces the percentage of returns.

    Kuhne and Garing believe AR and VR will ultimately change the way designers operate, specifically by shifting interior design work into the virtual realm.

    Notable technologies are the Google Tilt Brush, Gravity Sketch, Unreal Engine, Masterpiece VR, Microsoft Hololens and UE4Arch.

    The Tile Brush allows one to paint in 3-D space with virtual reality. The doodler or expert can create in real time, while exploring the available dynamic brushes. Voted best VR experience by Unity Awards 2015, FastCompany stated “Tilt Brush is like Microsoft Paint for the year 2020.”

    Check out the Tilt Brush Artist in Residence program to get a better understanding of this tool.

    About the Author

    Erin Tallman is a journalist and the Editor in Chief for ArchiExpo e-magazine. She contributes to other online publications and, as an author, has already published her first novel.

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