VIDEO. Tortona Rocks #3: People at the Heart of Design

How can designers think of future and technology while keeping people at the heart of their projects? Turns out, they can!

The third edition of Tortona Rocks portrayed an ensemble of experimental, storytelling design in the various Milano Space Makers venues located in the Tortona district.

These captivating stories, in which the overhauling of ancient teachings and trends intertwine with culture and innovation, expressing futuristic scenarios and sustainable living methods.

Fellesskap, Community

The Norwegians sum it up well with their word fellesskap, which denotes a focus on the community. In the Norvegian Presence project producers such as Vestre and newly launched Objekt showed how an installation of furniture, textiles, sculptures and other objects should always point to the people it is meant to attract or represent.

Hosted by a trio of independent and government-funded groups—Klubben, Norwegian Crafts and Design and Architecture Norway—the exhibition also explored “the making of modern Norway” and tied together the implementation of technology and tradition.

Exhibitors included Domaas Høgh, Lars Tornøe, Marianne Andersen, Victoria Günzler, Martin Solem, Noidoi, Petter Skogstad, Sara Polmar, So Takahashi, Stine Aas and Vera & Kyte.


Objects Define Our World

Asian design has always centered on the bond between objects and human beings. The Japanese Resonance Materials project and the exhibition by Stellar Works focus on this concept of objects: how they define the world in which we live, stimulating our knowledge, prompting us to discuss the significance of being.

For its third year of presenting new collections in Tortona, Stellar Works collaborated with Yabu Pushelberg, Space Copenhagen and multi-award-winning Neri&Hu.

Shanghai-based Stellar Works inspires a renewed spirit in Asian aesthetics. It takes the forms, styles and motifs which have characterized Japanese design throughout time and refines them through the eye of European tradition. At its Any / Everywhere exhibition, they took visitors to the streets of Shanghai and prompted reflection on our relationship to space and objects. Watch our video interview below to learn more.


Future Living: Green Technologies

Two installations by German brand Containerwerk, which landed in the top three of the GreenTec Awards 2018, portrayed solutions for sustainable living: Microliving and Temporary Housing. The company used maritime transport containers for both projects, each with its own purpose.

Microliving put forward how sophisticated technology and aesthetics can ensure that the quality of life remains positive even for small spaces. Temporary Housing highlighted mobility and effective use of existing space, bearing in mind the new lifestyle which mixes everyday life and work.


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