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Walabot DIY: The Device That Sees Through Walls

The Walabot DIY by ©Vayyar Imaging

Vayyar Imaging, a 3D imaging sensors company, has manufactured a device that transforms your smartphone into a radar/stud finder  to uncover gas pipes, live electrical wires, water pipes and rodents—a great tool for construction and renovation.

Winner of  more than ten “Best Tech” awards, the Walabot DIY detects and locate pipes, studs, wires and objects that aren’t directly touching the outer sheetrock or concrete surface, up to 4 inches deep behind drywall and cement walls.

Walabot DIY can even detect living creatures like mice to help with critter-free wall mounting and alterations. The device can be snapped onto Android devices with a magnet; images are seen on the Android via an app. With a simple interface, multiple sensing modes exist such as pan, images and expert with an option to map large areas and take snapshots for offline analysis.

Walabot DIY is aimed at hobbyists looking to upgrade their homes; remodelers; construction workers; installers; electricians; facilities managers; plumbers and engineers. The device will soon be compatible with iOS.

See how it works in the Walabot video.

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Born and raised in the concrete jungle of NYC, Allyson is passionate about languages—she speaks, reads and writes in five. She has a double degree in art history and communication and currently lives and works in the South of France.

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